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About Baxter's Rentals

Discover the strategies to earn a six-figure passive income like us with just one year of dedicated work. Join our community as we collectively strive towards achieving a million a year, allowing us to attain financial freedom together.

Baxter’s Rentals was founded with a clear mission: to prioritize family time over working for organizations that neglect their employees. Our dedication to this principle has allowed us to not only create quality homes for families in need but also achieve our goal of work-life balance. We have developed an approach that is rooted in proven methods, ensuring consistent and positive outcomes. Key to our success is the robust network of reliable vendors we have established across multiple states. This network enables us to provide exceptional service and support to families and individuals alike, just like you! At Baxter’s Rentals, we are committed to serving your needs with unwavering dedication.

Unlock the Potential of Section 8 Investing

Discover the untapped financial opportunities that await you in investing in Section 8 properties. By venturing into this market, you can unlock a wealth of potential and maximize your returns. With guaranteed rental income from government subsidies, investing in Section 8 properties offers a steady and reliable source of cash flow. Don’t miss out on the chance to leverage these lucrative opportunities and secure your financial future.

Secure your financial future today With Our Comprehensive Course

Welcome to Unlimited Investments! In this course, you will learn how to create your LLC, purchase, market, and manage properties. This comprehensive system will provide you with the knowledge and experience to efficiently invest in real estate and build a better retirement. As you progress through each module, you will gain a thorough understanding of how rental properties can help you achieve financial freedom.

What you will get for just $2497

Course Modules

Our course is divided into easy-to-follow modules that cover everything you need to know about buying and renting Section 8 properties. From understanding the application process to maximizing rental income, each module provides valuable insights and actionable steps.

Residential Course Modules

A- Intro
B- Real Estate and Section 8
C- Setting Up Your LLC
D- Acquisition and Marketing
E- Managing and Scaling

A- What is an LLC
B- Choosing Your Market
C- LLC Formation
D- Registered Agent and Your EIN
E- Layers of Protection

A- How to Choose a Market
B- Selecting an Agent and Wholesaler
C- Get a Great Contractor and Inspector
D- Choosing Title and Insurance
E- Interviewing Your Property Manager

A- Finding a Bank and Lender
B- On Market and Off Market Properties
C- How to Scout Your Buy Box
D- Financials and Vacant Properties
E- Financials and Occupied Properties

A- When and Where to Market
B- Creating Your Listing
C- Social Media Marketing
D- Housing Authority Marketing
E- Agent Marketing

A- Screening Requirements
B- Credit Requirements
C- Vetting References and Background
D- Tenant Interview for Private and S8
E- Schedule Walkthrough

A- Section 8 Tenant Packet
B- Renovations, Rehab, and Inspections
C- Prepare for a Section 8 Inspection
D- Lease and HAP Agreement
E- Setting Up Tenant Portals

A- How to Scale
B- When to Refinance
C- Strategies to Use
D- Partnerships
E- Creative Financing

Commercial Course Modules

A: Introduction
B: Commercial Real Estate
C: Choosing an Investment
D: How to Buy and Market
E: Management and Diversify

A: Your Market and You
B: Building Your Reliable Network
C: What is the Best Crew For You
D: The Best Title, Insurance, and Lending.
E: Hiring The Right Manager

A: Finding Your Preferred Property
B: Where to Find These Deals
C: What’s Inside Your Buy Box
D: Multi-Family and Pad-Splits
E: RV Parks and Mobile Home Parks

A: What Are We Screening For?
B: Does Credit Matter?
C: Always Check References and Background
D: Student and Nurse Interviews
E: Retiree and Vacationers

A: Where Do You Market?
B: Making Your Marketing Campaign
C: Managing Your Property
D: Expansion and Development
E: Expansions and Amenities

Your path to financial freedom starts here

After completing the course, you should feel confident in creating an LLC, choosing the best market to invest in, understanding where and how to advertise your properties, maximizing rent, navigating Section 8 with the housing authority, and self-managing your properties. Of course, you may have occasional questions, and I will be here to address your concerns.

avg # of houses our students have bought within the first 6 months
# of houses our Individual students are closing a month!
$ 0
The average monthly cashflow per property.



Most students are able to close their first property within 90 days.

Seller finance deals typically take about 10% the cost of the property plus 3% for closing. Where traditional purchases cost 15-20% of the property cost.

Within 60 days you should be under contract or negotiating properties and by 90 days you should be closing on your first or even your second property.

The biggest obstacles are going to be yourself. Don’t get caught up in analysis paralysis!!

Commercial Properties can make up to 20x more than a single family home with endless potential to expand.

A residential property will usually be a single family home, whereas a commercial property will house multiple family’s. This includes mobile home parks, RV parks, apartments, and many more categories.

Your return can usually be expected to be about 10% monthly or 120% yearly.

You can get a SBA loan or use other programs where you will be paying 20-25% down on the purchase price of the investment property.